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Education is to help students progress from being passive to active, eventually
reaching a state of self-motivated progress;Education is to help students develop
from acquiring knowledge to building character and creating thinking, eventually
entering a state of comprehensive development;Education is to help students
develop their interests into enjoyment, and ultimately into lifelong pursuits that
they steadfastly pursue until great achievement.                                                                                                        
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At Uplus Education, education is always warm and first priority.

Education In America (EIA) is an international institution based in Boston, USA,
dedicated to providing educational services in the United States for Chinese students of
all ages.
Our core philosophy is “Educare” (meaning “educational care and development”); our
mission is “to help students develop their interests into enjoyment and ultimately into
lifelong pursuits that they steadfastly pursue until great achievement”; our features are
family style, elite style, and accompanying style services; we provide long-term,
comprehensive educational growth and care services for Chinese students in US
elementary schools, high schools, universities, and graduate programs.

Uplus Education In America Focuses On Warm Personalized Effective | Education Service In US

Consulting & Planning

Provide academic development consulting and planning services for students


Tutor & Supervision

Provide tutoring and supervision services for students, including English, subject study, etc

Background Enhance

Help students to improve academic competition scores, help with experiments and research and extracurriculum


Application service includes aplications for US middle schools, high schools, undergraduate programs, and graduate programs

Camp Education

From 2016, Uplus Education utilizes local premier educational resources to provide all kinds of high quality camp education to potential students.

Students Testmonials

Elite Educator

Professor Curtis

EIA Teacher

A professor at Harvard University specializing in computational biology and bioinformatics, skilled in the molecular epidemiology of microbial communities and the human microbiome.

Teacher Zero

EIA Teacher

As a leader in international education, Zero assists Chinese students in successfully navigating the complex process of applying to American universities while also fostering their love for the arts.

Professor Fan

EIA Teacher

As an advocate for STEM education, Professor Fan brings rigorous science courses to students, aiming to inspire their love for science and innovation.

Echo Chen

Executive Chairman of the EIA

Co-founder of U Plus Education, MGenius Academy STEM Education Institute, and a private K-12 school in China. She is a certified professional consultant by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and holds a Master of Education degree from Regis College in the United States.